No Better Time than JuNo Time!


No better excuse, actually, than something like JuNoWriMo to motivate you to write, this blog being no exception. With just a couple of hours, and counting down!, until it officially begins for west coasties, I will join 126 others who have signed on for thirty days of writing bliss –okay, let’s be honest. It likely won’t be all blissful, now will it?

Fueled with a bit of sugar, and the mental peace of a cleared desk, and having the laptop warmed up, which just means it’s plugged in and charging, I have in front of me my grocery list of chapters. Details? Okay, I’m a hybrid on this one. What would they call that, anyway? Ouline-Pantster? O-P? P-O? Pants-Out? Whoops!

Yes, I outlined. I’m a pantster by nature, at least I think I am, so outlining for a proposed 50,000 word chunk in the coming weeks is down in its simplest form –because, hey, anything more just seems daunting and this writer is less likely to approach it without some amount of self-induced frustration. You really don’t want to witness that.

If you’re a JuNo participant, congrats for braving the sign-up, and making the commitment to all your pages ahead. Even if you don’t cross the finish line, you still get cheers from me for even starting. It beats out all those who say they want to write a book and never do it.

To your success!


Cheers from the Nano Finish Line



The deadline hasn’t passed yet (for some time zones), and there are still many writers scrambling to meet the minimum 50,000 word count for this year’s National Novel Writing Month contest (NaNoWriMo). It’s been a great month, and I can’t say I haven’t learned anything. Tons, I’ve learned tons, and was reminded of some key points, too. This is my first year in Nano, and I cleared the word count at 50,200.
Joining Nano was concurrent with my joining Google+, and while I found nine other Nanos within the Nanowrimo website, my major connection to other Nanos was through G+, and some through Twitter. I got great support, and it was that wonderful connection to people following along the same word count woes as me that I found inspiring and encouraging. I did a few writing sprints online with other writers, but found that my own ten minute alarms worked best for this oft’ distracted writer.
I kept on chugging, but not before my first week and a half of outlining. That could have be done in October, only I didn’t find out about this contest until close to the third week of October, and Halloween, wouldn’t you know it, spread over four days (how does that happen?). My real push, as that is what deadlines are for, came in the last week. I only had one late night. I can type pretty fast, so that helped a lot.
Every participant is a winner because somewhere along the process between deciding to do it and November 30th are true nuggets each writer gains. Yes, completing the word count earns bragging points (like graphic above), but it’s for more than that. This is a contest of writer’s fortitude, the pushing through less than stellar scenes of what should amount to a novel, or the parts of one. Now December becomes the month of severe editorial surgery. What I’ve written might even be split into three different stories, or it might be completely scrapped and used as fodder for something else.
I loved it. I’ll do it again next year. Now, the real deal is making every month a novel month.
Who’s with me? (Just kidding! … No, not really)
Have fun writing!