The Eve Eve


No doubt the countdown has begun for most of the Gregorian calendar changeover, or what we also dub as a great excuse for a long weekend. So, I feel compelled to suck out a few minutes of your life and have you read this. Okay, really, it’s totally you’re fault. I haven’t said anything to make you vacate this virtual space, not yet anyway, not at least until the latest tweet distracts you, your kid pulls at your leg, or Morpheus calls you. I’m not sure what he calls you, but I’m sure it’s something good.

I’m just compelled to fill space, I guess, compelled to end the year with another blog notch to add to my non-existent blog belt, unless you count the stats and all things that track who’s following you, and all those wonderful “they love me!” widgets that applaud your ego, Klout and Kred, and all things social media juicy.

It is juicy, isn’t it. This –right here– this is what I have in the past called e-crack, and if I bothered to track it down, I’d find the video proving how it all stimulates all the right everything in our brains that it practically is a drug. Oh, the brain!!! I don’t know a thing about it, except that I have one, and that it works (most of the time), and can be fairly creative at times, but that falls flat if my secretary doesn’t show up for work. It’s weird. She has the same name I do.

You got that, did you? Emphasis on snarky. Ya. And, I’m not writing grammatically correct either in some of these sentences!! Fragments, repeated words…and a bunch of other geeky editorial stuff that wouldn’t mean much to most, but is well stored between my ears, filed under “Pet Peeves”.

The year is at a close and my To Do list is longer. I suppose that’s a good thing, only it all seems more daunting. Yes, yes, baby steps. Got that point. The problem with being creative (it’s a problem???) is that you’re interested in so many things, start a whole heck of a lot of projects, and if you’re lucky, the ten percent rule applies –you finish 10% of your projects. That would be faring rather well, in my books. Your books, if you’re more organized, should bode better.

A blog is a start. It’s that pin prick in your side that says “Hey, don’t forget about me!! You have followers now. An audience! Don’t forget about them. They’ll feel all sad, and hungry for words, those poor starving readers.” With great blogging, comes great responsibility. There is no guilt trip, rather, and I’d like to stay positive on this one, a look-forward-to. Yes, that’s a compound noun ending in a preposition. Creative licence. Writers can do that. They make stuff up all the time, change the rules, bend them a little. So many occasions require it, unless you’re in academia –different story.

Story. It’s all about story. Whether here, or as tweets, or novels. You have one. And here’s where I circle back to the whole celebrating the new year, and hoorah horrah, auld lang syne, sip some champagne (or mock, if that’s your style), and cheer to the hopes and aspirations we list, like the typical losing weight, look prettier, make more money…the generic goals that lose themselves in the minutiae of our lives’ routines somewhere around January second or third. Insert applause here if you make it to mid-month. Have another party if they last until February. Whatever you do, it’s your story. They’re your goals. And that you’ve read this far, yeehah!, I’ve just made one of mine.

Happy New Year, readers!!


In Case You Missed Them: Retweets


I’m always flattered that anyone retweets what I scribe in Twitter. So, in case you missed them, I thought I’d share them here, de-hashtagged, and all cleaned up. You can let me know which are the best of the best in comments. Please comment!

  1. Do you find yourself lingering in the aisle of your favourite office supply store, admiring pens? Yep, you’re a writer.
  2. Proof of a writer hard at work  5/5: Eavesdropping is not just a hobby; it’s inspiration!
  3. If you’re ever bored with your writing, pick up the dictionary, and start with Z, and work backwards.
  4. I don’t normally recommend watching TV much to kids, but if they are learning English, it’s a great tool. Radio too.
  5. Definitely can’t ‘not’ do writing, nor editing. Words are my drug. *grin*
  6. A bounding vocabulary bounces like Tigger, from place to place, adapting to new environments, alive by speakers.
  7. Want to expand your voice as a writer or, better, find your voice? Experiment outside of your genre.
  8. Aspiring writer? To be a writer is like being pregnant –either you are or you aren’t. No aspiring, just write.
  9. Remember school rule: I before E, except after C, or when sounded as “a” as in ‘neighbour’ and ‘weigh’. Good mnemonic!
  10. You can “snap” your fingers, which also makes “snap” sound. Example of verb and noun for same word in Thank you to all the new followers this week!
  11. There are just some times in a writer’s routine when hibernation parlays into great output.
  12. ‘Any way’ vs. ‘anyway’ are confusing for ESL learners. The first ‘way’ is a noun, synonymous to method, path. The other, an adverb.
  13. The sickness of the writer’s mind is that it never ceases; everything gets written. Even the eavesdropped conversation.*yes, yours*
  14. A neat trick to circumvent writer’s block –ask one of the 5Ws and H (who, what, when, where, why and how).
  15. Part of the editing process involves rewriting –a tad, and remembering to help the original writer’s intent, not yours. Stay focused!
  16. Are you writing at least a page a day? Ten pages? What’s your writing minimum?
  17. Editing isn’t about pointing out a writer’s mistakes; it’s about helping the writing breathe its intended meaning.
  18. The writer’s procrastination excuse #10: thinking more, writing less. It only counts if it’s down on the page.
  19. A writer’s brain is a compendium of words, a buffet of diction awaiting hungry minds.
  20. The writer’s procrastination excuse #9: Labeling distractions as top priority projects. Anything’s a distraction. How badly do you want it?
  21. Thoughts are endless. Writers need not worry about running out of things to say.
  22. The essence of writing anything is to incite emotion; good marketing incites action.  Authors want to do both.
  23. The writer’s procrastination excuse #8: Fear of success. And we’re supposed to feel sorry for you? Get writing already!
  24. You know you’ve written well when you yourself emote from it.
  25. The writer’s procrastination excuse #7: Being too tired. Hmm. Ever write while …erm…having imbibed? It’s pretty funny. Write anyway.
  26. Writing without editing is like trying to sleep when your nose is plugged: gasping and twitchy.
  27. If at first you draw a blank, make stuff up. Shakespeare did!
  28. Commas don’t just mark our natural pause for needed breath; they mark the need for clarity.
  29. The apostrophe ‘s’ proclaims ownership of something to someone, but not something to something. Wrong: The table’s legs…
  30. When Post-it notes act as wallpaper #8: you have a great backdrop for shadow puppets.
  31. There is no excuse to not write except that which you permit.
  32. To say something is ‘more better’ is redundant. Either it’s more of something, or just better.
  33. The best friend of the dictionary is the thesaurus.
  34. The great thing about writing is that it goes everywhere you do. Right, that could be a curse too. 🙂
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