After some deliberation, I’ll be focusing this blog around my creative writing, and direct any posts about writing, editing, or how-related to the blog attached to my new website. At the start of last year, it was change tact with this blog, scrap it, start fresh with another WP blog, or do something altogether different. I couldn’t decide (old postings will be extant here, however). For some, WP has become their main website for professional use, but a blog-centered format didn’t feel right to me for that. Waffling between which would be my online omphalos, if any, took the better part of the year.

Concentrating on having one site is advised, I’ve read, but I figure, the wider your platform, the more people will run into you. Cramming everything into one space seemed rather daunting and overly multitudinous. My love of social media prods me to weave my way around new promo sites that is not only fun, but is part of a continual process of sifting to find out which fit the best…or maybe I’m just adding to my online clutter. Hmm, there’s a post in that somehow. Anyway, do I have too many projects that currently exist more offline than on? Nah. Just not enough time to manage them, let alone produce them. (Note to self: might need more whiteboards.)

It has been a year with events supervening my intentions. Frustrating? An understatement. A boding acclivity? Definitely. The last few months, though, have allowed me to work incrementally on completing my editing site, and we all know that the preproduction stage of any project takes the longest, but I won’t go into how long that was before I launched into actually producing it (but I forgive myself for taking as long as I did; it was just me working on it). So, with that one project off my plate for the time being, but with the want to share creative ramblings still present, I invite you to visit here for whatever miscellaneous mish-mash bounces around my head during an inspirational moment or when I push past the daily attention-getters to determinedly write (I really need something like Staples’ easy button, but with ignore). Perhaps, through it all, a gelling of a theme may surface. Otherwise, the site title ought to be Rachel’s Random Ramblings. It might just live up to that.



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