First Frost – an impromptu


The later sunrise was welcome this morning as the sky filled with tinges of orange that bled into blue. In the rush of the routine that should stretch an hour but is squeezed into just over half that, I was reminded once outside to allot more time for warming up the car. This being the first frosty morning of the season, and there being only a slight dust of frost on the wind shield, the trusty car squeegee still came in handy. I’ve been asked twice this past week about that squeegee, where I got it from, and what a good idea. Thank you dollar store. And by this writing, there isn’t any evidence of said frost. Nor of the fog that had settled over Victoria for much of October –an unusual constancy even for here. While I appreciate the frost-kissed rooftops, and the brisk wakeful cold of the morning, I miss the fog, that encroaching blanket that has its own style of comfort and nestles one’s spirit. The best would be to have a foggy Halloween; I could do without the frost.


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