When the only option left is to write.


Writing corneredDid you read my subhead above? (The one about distraction.) Surely, writers are the masters of appointing distraction as priority of the moment. It’s that wretched blank page that has become a fearsome addled, yet still wantonly creative, space that draws you. The calling has you, and probably since before you can remember.

Some writers are masters of their To Do lists, even Yours Truly (shock, amazement here). I call my distractions my To Do’s because, hey, that just sounds a whole lot better. I’m so To Do list organized, I even have an app for that. Yes, I did try using the Reminder List courtesy of the iPhone, but when that started growing a tail I couldn’t see the end of, it was time to box up every worry, concern, want, and administrative mom duty into something visually manageable.

And then, the inevitable happened. My To Do’s became my distraction instead of having them encased all appealingly well so as not to be.

What the flip?

While checking the day’s can’t-forget-abouts is handy in the morning, and wishful planning adds more check boxes often in the evening, there does come a time when the honeymoon is over –boredom with organization. Sometimes super management does its job; it frees up that last and most viable excuse to write: there is time.

What?? Time? What’s that?

Here’s where you add scary to the description of the job of writing. Because now, you’re all out of excuses, and what is cornered for attention is writing.

For the moment, anyway.


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