Is there glamour in being a writer?


The simple answer:


Or yes. If you were to be one of the lucky few, but that’s being part of a very small group with the likes of that gal who wrote about that kid wizard, or that gent who makes murders a creative whim from his 9-5 effort every day (J.K. Rowling and Stephen King).

But mostly no. The truth about writing that doesn’t get much real estate in conversations or the page is that writing is a slog. S-L-O-G. Only, most don’t admit that because everyone who is not a writer loves to put glamour around a profession he or she pines to do constantly with his or her inside voice. The writer just smiles because it’s almost as if the air surrounding her is already filled with that E word: expectation. Also, belief. Also, let’s get real here.

Friends might say, “Oh, so you’re writing a book? That’s great! So, what’s it about?” And then that’s about as far as that conversation gets because then you’d have to delve into talk about publishing, which most haven’t a clue about, so that gets dodged pretty quickly.  Stalemate. Not glam.

The slog isn’t in the actual writing part, although most would see it that way. The slog is in the post-production. It’s all those re-writes, and deciphering an editor’s comments, and the continual revising that disrupts your sleep because the end of chapter five is weak, and you knew that all along. The slog continues because the next stage, actually selling, is what undermines more than a few writers, and Twitter cannot be the sole source of announcing “I’ve written a book everybody!! Come buy my book here. Click on this link!!”. Writers who know marketing sell books. Writers who know their readers, who they’re aiming for, are the true sloggers. Make it through that, and maybe then the glam will come.


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