Random YA Novel Lines


Pink horsetails filled the disappearing day, and in the distance white cirrus clouds blended against the remaining blue, quickly losing against the coming of night. The first ‘star’ seen above the 49th parallel is only a satellite, Ginny thought while absent mindedly picking at her flagging cuticle, and not Ursa Major that could be seen later at night when the sky turned into her favourite –purple-black. She hoped the waiting list for this summer’s astronomy camp was shorter than last year’s, and that she’d actually get in. She had told her mom that she was interested in going because her best friend Stacy said she was already signed up, which was true, but being a week after her fifteenth birthday, it was not the top reason. Knowing that the week long camp would have cute sixteen year old Jonah Hopkins from the next school over, and who rode the same bus on the same route as her, and got off one stop before hers, plainly allowing her to study him intently in secret (as she always sat at the back for a good view, even though it meant she’d likely, and always did, sacrifice a possible compliment on –what? anything!!, because anything voiced from the sweet basketball playing, and finely maturing young man as was Jonah) would be worth it. Last year she couldn’t wait to go home every day, trying to find some excuse to bow out early from making macramé bracelets (really? who does that anymore?) or some boredom-inducing craft that she would just throw into the garbage later.

Stacy snapped her fingers in Ginny’s face to prevent her from staring too longingly at the coming stars, and returned to finishing the caramel popcorn bits at the bottom of the bowl.

“Gin, you’ll never guess what I found out today… about that someone you’re practically engaged to!”

Stacy always had a a way of exaggerating things in Ginny’s favour, always with significant details, which made them the perfect best friends, because she couldn’t get enough about the details Stacy’d spill, and Stacy knew Ginny catered to her dishing them out. Ginny was her perfect audience since grade four, and that made them the longest friendship pair in all of Bramworth High…


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