Randomness of Writing


There is always a sense of randomness in writing that lives in every line, inherent in that whole pantster (write by the seat of your pants) faction. Surely, if you’re a Twitter addict, like yours truly, you’ve read some very wild things, or spun a few ‘ah, heck, tweet it’ lines yourself, *ahem*. There is value in it, of course. After a long, too long, break (can I get away with calling it a sabbatical?) from blogging, of meandering through various projects online and off –and a lot of off, which accounts for my little on, the allurement of words only strengthens. The value is in derrière-in-chair to piece together the jumble of words from thoughts to, almost, music in the mishmash of lines into stories. The very best thrill is not awaiting that inspired jump of ‘find a scrap piece of paper, quick!’ kind of moment, but the everyday ‘I wonder what’ll show up?’ kind. The very best writing is rooted in the randomness we allow –for, isn’t that life, too? Write more, seize more, and surprise yourself.  


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