How November Runneth its Course


A day shy of the end of this year’s Nanowrimo contest, and I have to admit that November, with all the near-to-year-end activities, and a few surprises that took precedence, that my l’il wrimo is pouting itself dusty on an e-shelf.

It’s fair to say that I’ll be a cheery cheerleader in congratulating all the local writers at the month-end “Oh My God, It’s Over” party. While I did manage a fairly good outline, a strategic plus, I got walloped with other pressing (a leaning pun –sorry) projects,  that wrimo writing got shoved to the sidelines.

Even with all the planning and ‘calendarizing’, November couldn’t be a crueller month to try to squeeze Nano into. December’s a write-off (what’s with all these puns coming to mind?), and so the soonest my l’il wrimo will get any attention is January.


Because, let’s be honest, Christmas, and parties, and eating…well, who will have time to write?

Big fat lie, right?

Any time is a good time to write, and so I do. It’s called tweeting.

That’s the reality some days –okay, a lot of days–of how much I am able to write. Tweets. So, I’m grateful for that. But, like any other writer, my excuses to not write are several kilometres long (not miles, I’m in Canada, eh, and not ‘er’ at the end, we do it the French way).

Back to the keyboard, and back to stirring up a little guilt in with my tea as I face December in making January my November.

Congrats to everyone who crossed the 50K finish line!!



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