Off, On, and In Between: It’s a Writing Tangent


I had another piece I was working on. It’s not here. It’s saved in draft. I’m not happy with it. It will not be birthed until I’m happy with it. I’m venting.

I had another piece and it’s part-way done. I had another book. It’s part-way done. I had another article. It’s part-way done. Hmm. Seems a pattern here.

And this, writers know, is what happens more often than we’d like, and definitely more often than we’ll admit to.

Yet, is there a positive to having several incomplete projects? We’re a creative bunch, if easily distracted, so that can be lumped in with being adaptable and flexible, or maybe that’s just a nice way of saying –where was I going with this? Right, distracted. No, easily adaptable. We’re also fiercely patient in as much as we’re type A personalities with our work. Perfectionist’s syndrome. Or maybe that’s just masking our inferiority complex. Our baby! Our baby! It’s hard to give birth.

The birthing is moving your mouse pointer to the right and clicking ‘Publish’. It’s a fairly nondescript button. Truly, a harmless blue button, at least here on my screen. It calls, doesn’t it?, what, with its font larger than practically anything else on the entire page, and much bigger than the Save Draft button that’s a third of the size above it.

I think it’s staring at me.

No, no, no!!! I’m screaming. I’m not done yet!!!

If it had arms and a face, Blue Button would be crossing its arms at me now with that look of “Oh, really? And I suppose you’re complaining about that now, are you? You writers. All the same. Such a whiney bunch. Humph.”

It’s good to be in a continually productive stage. It feels good, right? It feels, oh, I don’t know, productive. And better that than saying that you don’t have anything going on right now  when someone asks. Saying that just makes you look like a dweeb. If writing is your sole occupation (what? are you crazy?), then it looks even worse. Someone out of job can hoist up this temporary stage by calling it being ‘in between jobs”. Still lacklustre, but better than nothing. There’s not even a semi-cool phrase for someone who’s in between books.

Like I said, we’re a creative bunch. So when productivity wanes, or creativity grabs our attention to something else, this flexible and adaptable group could make a name for that, or just go back and finish their last project.


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