That Kind of Day


When you have one of those days…it starts out with more than one friend calling, each with a stress story to tell, the day’s gorgeous, but the glare induces a headache, several projects are mid-way through, but feel miles from being finished, and the cork board is a mass of multi-coloured pins buried beneath bills, reminders, and that one thing you’ve resisted doing for, like, a year, and you sit, and sigh heavily, feeling the weight of it all, and dream up various sorts of momentary escapisms, the best of which might be to return to bed, but you don’t, because even a faux schedule is better than nothing, and it’s more fun to interject the hours with poignant writings that fill pages in your journal, and it’s finally at that point that you feel a tad accomplished, slightly more than what you’d feel by having cleared off your desk, and you return again to that very desk, warmed by tea, and with the prospect of a fresh new start tomorrow…you share it.


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