Write, Seriously


Run, run, run…around
Easy to dance the must-do-list
No Stop Breathe
When conditioned
No Dishes Ignore Them
One Thing At A Time
Forget laundry
Ignore better

Curtains pulled aside
Blue sky deceptive
Only in the hand-span depth from the pane
Morning’s warmth is captured

Rooftops on nearby houses tell of January’s nature
Frost makes for furry topped posts and beams

Heard the term “laptop hobo” yesterday
Today I want to be one
Join the cafe buzz
Be vampiric with their energies

Sip lattes all day
Write seriously


One thought on “Write, Seriously

  1. I wonder who that dog icon is on the likes. Fab poem that gets to the heart of writing. It’s funny because I just received a spiritual e-mail that said if you feel muddled or lost, to wait it out. Both sides balance another.

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