January 1st is Arbitrary: Write Anyway


557 / 183000

Today is as good a date as any to start any number of projects, wisely disguised as resolutions. I have a few writing wishes this year, and I just added one more.

I love group projects, so when I happened across another writing contest (not really a contest, more of a daily writing challenge-group), I was in.

This, thanks to Cara Michaels‘ efforts, is the #WIP500, an offshoot inspiration of a well-known November writing contest,  NaNoWriMo, that invites writers to meet the 50,000 word challenge in 30 days. #WIP500 is, as you can guess, five hundred words a day, but it spans a year.

Today is day one. I did my word count, I’m good.

Now I just have to make my thousands of upcoming words resemble something of a book, to add to a few jump-starts filed away, and whatever will become of my NaNo bulk.

NaNoWriMo was an absolute blast, and I loved all the daily conversations between writers. I’m expecting this to be similar with the already 114 participants signed up. Sitting at the keyboard doesn’t have to be lonely, and it often is. This is a great way to alleviate that.  It pushes us more; we, as writers, at the very least, are held accountable to other writers. If it were just to ourselves, as is often the case, well, we slack off, don’t we?

The point of any such challenge is that not only is there unified support group out there beating their cracked fingertips to the keyboard as you are, but that it motivates you past your excuses. Every writer needs more focus.

Feel free read my periodical progress on this challenge in Twitter as @racheledits. Or in my other post.


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