Oops. A Planetary-sized Typo


The Internet is ripe with typos, yes. Those innocent little boo-boos that, for some, indeed may well be just typos. Many of them are overlooked, even forgiven, being that they seem to be such minor offences. Stop!

Can I just be honest here? As an editor, these things are ripe for annoying me because they just sound the bells of non-existent editors, unpaid staff (the horror), and lead to embarrassment. Hey, let’s face it. Once published on the Net, it’s for the whole world to see, and you can’t really take it back. It’s out there, so taking extra time to check an article over will save blushed cheeks later, at minimum.

It’s my job to point them out and correct them before any posting or publishing happens, but the tutor side of me says teach by example. So, here you go. Here’s an online oops, and what it means if the boo-boo stays.

We apparently get news from many worlds, in this example. Grammatically, ‘worlds’ needs an apostrophe before the ‘s’  to show it’s possessive. The publishers belong to the world, not in ownership, but just in a sense of belonging. We only have one world, and the definite article ‘the’ in claiming one of something also tells us that.

This oops is another reason why the spellchecker shouldn’t be relied upon, and that you need to hire me for your next project  *grin* because mistakes made by humans are better off being corrected by humans too.


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