Words That Give Me Grief, Still


I’ve been on about words lately. Guess it’s a topic worth harping on. So, again, here it is late into the evening, and apparently this is the stuff that continues to float in my head, and since you’re all dying to know what’s up there (ya, I know, not really), I thought I’d grant you this one time the few words in my tête compendium that cause me continual grief. For the life of me, I have no mnemonics for them, for they have slipped past somehow on the spelling bee, or my want to bother with them. Here are the three words that I misspell. Know this: you can’t tell anyone. Absolutely no one, got it? Let the rest of the world think I’m still the goddess of diction that I am. (smirk)

Vaccum: for some reason, I get mixed up with the double vowel. I usually have no problems when the vowels are different, but there are few words that call for the same ‘u’ to buddy right up next to another one in English (thank you Grandfather Latin). Is it the ‘c’ that’s doubled, or the ‘u’? I rarely get this right. It just looks like the ‘c’ can’t sit alone, and it’s somehow wrong. He’s so lonely.

Minutiae: clearly of Latin origin, and that’s the problem, and worse than ‘vacuum’ because there are three vowels stuck on the end, like they’re all fighting to get in line, ‘me!’, ‘no, me first!’, with ‘i’ winning because she’s skinnier than the fatter other two. Maybe. It’s also, I can add here, that the ‘tiae’ has taken on the anglicized ‘sh’ sound in there, and that’s just mean.

Development: Dang it, French. This time, this is your fault! Thanks to the language learning curriculum in middle school, I learned a lot more French than English (not a total sin, mind you, and because I do love it, regardless), but I also learned French writing and grammar formalities before they were driven home to forever connect my synapses in English first. I spell this the French way, and the French way takes an ‘e’ after the doubling of the p. It just does, and my hand never forgot it.

So, I ask you, which words cause you spelling grief?


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