You Know You’re a Writer When…


Here’s my top ten list of how you know you’re a real writer. Tossing together some tweets was quicker than fixing a Greek salad, but they morphed into this space being worthy of a more stable home.

1. To Do lists aren’t enough

2. Blue ink makes you hot

3. Regular conversations start sounding poetic

4. You can identify iambic pentameter

5. Quoting more than 5 lines of Shakespeare, Poe, or Dr. Seuss is Christmas party fun

6. You have a synonym for everything

7. You understand all the inside writers jokes

8. You have made up at least one secret language (oh yes, yes you have! )

9. Making-up words is one of your hobbies

10. Being a writer is an excuse for your funky weirdness

Sure, there’s more. There’s always more. Identify with at least 3 of the above –I bet you have, and you’re a genuine writer at heart. Congrats. Welcome to funky weirdness!


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