What’s on Your Desk?


Someone last week asked me what was on my desk.

I was talking on the phone to a long distance friend, and as conversations go, there was that *awkward pause* to continue the flow. While I can’t rightly recall what was on my desk then, nor exactly what I censored out (smirk), here’s the desk of this writer-slash-editor who’s always delving into a dozen projects at once.

So, okay, I’ll be honest here, the following are things on my desk, but includes the space around it, beneath it, to the side of it, or whatever other prepositional phrase you’d like to apply here, because, as everyone knows, if they were honest too, that the real estate called “desk” is never enough. It’s either that, or pare down the projects. Talk speaking blasphemy!

uncapped blue ink pen

video camera

receipt book

post-it pad with jotted notes

portfolio folder

open binder of passwords (yes, I said binder)

a small dish of plain almonds (my stab at eating healthy)

a clear acrylic box of old family photos that have yet made it to the scanner

scanner (on opposite side of photos)

a recent issue of SNAP Victoria

a file folder of receipts to enter


used file folders needing re-labelling

an opened bag of Dairy Milk Buttons (and I must say, not my fav, but I did try them)

clipped pages from Lands End catalogue (yes, I love the red shorts)

glass of water

3-hole punch

appointment book


photos of my best friends

film slide converter (a project 3 months in the waiting)


a pad of yellow lined paper with notes from my latest writing project

a novel

a leftover coffee cup paper insulator from Starbucks

a box of Kleenex

a hanging folder filer filled with unimportant stuff

an old mouse pad


cel phone cord that connects to the computer

a box of old notebooks

the monitor (of course)

2 small speakers


I’m just lucky I have one of those large corner-style desks.


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