Even Taggers Need to Spellcheck


Bad speller runs amok!

Saw this.  Shook my head.   It’s embarrassing enough for the owner of the vehicle to drive around with what is obviously not his paint style of choice, but likely more so for the tagger who evidently needs to proof his work. I’m thinking, “Ha, ha!! Caught you!!”. Okay, so the car’s old.  Did you feel sorry for the car’s owner that you had to spray paint it in a fit of pure dastardly revenge? Were you mocking? I don’t even know what this is supposed to mean. Tagging, a considered lesser form of graffiti art, markers of territory –so –on that note, if I can just segue here– you’re marking the car as your territory? This piece of ….you get the idea. If it were my car –take it, it’s yours.

If you’re going to deface property, with words, at least check the spelling. It’s only decent.



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