Write a Love Poem in 60 Seconds


Being that it’s Valentine’s Day, wouldn’t it be great if we could all write love letters to each other? Perhaps you’d rather send a friend an “I appreciate you very much” kind of letter. Letters are great, but let’s do what scarier for most: writing a poem. Not just any poem, but a love poem. No matter whom you send your poem to, let it be from your heart. Here’s how you can do it in 60 seconds.

Step one: think about a moment you two shared, a laugh that’s just between you, or a reoccurring theme that you often discuss. Got an idea? OK. Write that out in point form, just a few words will do. So, you might have “beach, snuggle”, which needs some extension now, as if a sentence, something like “the day at the beach when we snuggled right in…” That took all of 10 seconds.

Step two: now, think of what this person does that makes you feel so good. Is it something quirky? Something remembered? Something said? Do the same thing in step one. And remember, we’re not even considering rhymes here, but if that comes easy to you, by all means, go for it. Another 20 seconds.

Step three: go back to step one, and add a bit more; remember, start with a couple of words, and then extend them. Return to your second batch of words, such as “whisper, flutter” and extend them. You should have about four lines now. Add another 20 seconds to your time.

Here’s an example:

The day at the beach when we snuggled right in

Your gentle drawing back of my long hair

When you whispered your love into my ear

I knew then, like now, as a butterfly, my heart would flutter

The last 10 seconds is for you to edit for yourself your own lines. Your poem needn’t be as long as The Raven by Poe, nor does it even need to rhyme. It looks and sounds poetic because of two things: one, if you space it out, it looks like one, and two, it came from your heart. That’s all you need. Congratulations on writing a great love poem in 60 seconds!

Happy Valentine’s Day!!


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