Made-up Pronouns Freak Me Out


Personal pronouns are getting badly abused. Poor widdle pwersonal pwonouns (pats them on their heads).

I read something that irked me to immediacy. So, I’m here, posting before I get further distracted from the distraction that had me whisked away from my original evening task, and instead I’m advocating for the rightful use of personal pronouns, specifically the reflexive plural “themselves”.

You see, tonight, I was reading the home page of a professional networking site (herein not named as it’s obvious by the photo, and why promote it if it permits this flagrant decay. Bad, bad social media site). You know, just based on this little misfit, I doubt I’d use the site. I’m that turned off. Humph.

There is no such thing as ‘themself’!!! Oh, why, why must you stake my English heart! I’m gasping for lingual air here, knowing how dire the writing skills of our net populace must be to wreak havoc on grammatical standards like this that collectively act as the lifeforce of our communication…in other words, grammatical rules are not just made up willy-nilly. They’ve been grown and developed over time. History has grown our specific rules of punctuation, for example, even though so many don’t know the use of an apostrophe ‘s’, and I rally for the correct use of that too. Reflexive pronouns have their place.

That home page in the photo ought to read as ‘himself’ or ‘herself’, or jointly as ‘himself or herself’. Yes, they are gendered pronouns. These days, with everything being politically correct, that choice is usually opted out. So, let’s make the whole thing plural using “internet users…themselves.”. There. All bwetter. I wuv you pwonouns.


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