Tea, Chocolate and Other Stuff


I’m working from home today, not altogether a surprise, but it does mean that sometimes I eat weirdly, eating what’s already prepared, avoiding cooking for myself. It’s easier to slice an apple than make apple blintz. This morning, in the middle of assembling some paperwork in all its multi-page layout with titled tabs –ooh, it’s looking really pretty with all that red, orange, blue and purple– I’m interrupted midway by my darned stomach grumbling itself into my awareness. I’m having spaghetti leftovers for what constitutes brunch. I’d rather just not dirty any more dishes. That’s what I call selective laziness. It occurred to me that this was an unusual occurrence, the spaghetti eating, but not that far from cold pizza breakfasts, which I also do, from the fact that sauce had splattered on every surface in the microwave because I forgot again to cover the dish. Then that got me thinking about what I might be having instead of slurping noodle leftovers, because evidently I need to go grocery shopping. That was more fun than thinking about cleaning the mess.

Honestly, if I didn’t have to eat or cook, though, I’d save so much more time! And there are times, some of you will hate me for this I’m sure, that I forget to eat. I get so zoned into my work, that for someone who watches the clock, and schedules things in an orderly fashion even on days considered my own, that I forget to eat. I forget a lot of other stuff too –sometimes a bit more serious (blushes), but maybe I’ll share that another day when I’m brave enough to not care.

I’m pretty much a granola cereal kind of gal when it comes to breakfast, and keeping on the topic of morning meals, sometimes when nothing truly fancies me, especially during the week, I opt for a hot cup of tea. It is my one thing. Everyone has her one thing.  There’s nothing like jasmine to wake up your day. There’s a whole cupboard shrine I ritually visit several times a day if I’m home. All kinds of loose leaf Asian, floral, fruity, green, even medicinal teas fill the shelves, but mostly the green variety. I even have a favourite tea haunt in downtown; it’s such a treat to go there, and I’d love to buy one of every tea they have displayed in their shiny tin boxes that fill an entire wall. Tea, drinking tea, is not unusual, but everything in scale to other things, and if moderation helps to define what else is an addiction, then slap the cuffs on, I’m guilty, which leads me to my other ardour.

A girl’s real best friend is not diamonds, for she cannot eat them! Duh! It’s what matches well with every commercial holiday, it’s what gives you that happy high even if temporary, it’s the sort of thing that makes the best dessert or dessert complement. Chocolate. Lovely, lovely, chocolate. I am not admitting here now to the cupboard that stores those little delights. A shrine? No….of course not!  There wouldn’t be a chocolate advent calendar in there teasing me as I wait for December 1st to arrive (checks calendar). I’ll be good. I’ll wait until at least noon.


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