Grateful to Be


It’s a day of reflection. No doubt there are hundreds, probably thousands of dedications across the Net to honour those who have sacrificed their lives so that we could do simply this –sit on our behinds and blog. Ok, I jest a tad. My honest gratefulness for all who have fallen, including those who have served around the globe and live to tell their tales, is no less true. Thank you to family members living and gone who gave themselves for our freedoms today. To family, like Unk, who wore his uniform proudly and helped to maintain peace. For Pop-in-law, who equally served within our borders. To friends, like Jim, who press on in their duties out of service standing by our veterans, for having been one who served too, ensuring they receive the respect they deserve. It’s people like that who remind me actively how important it is to take a moment beyond our annual Remembrance Day and make our gratitude a daily practice. Lest we forget, indeed.


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