I picked up this term the other day whilst shopping at a local plaza. I overheard it being said by the clerk, a young lady in her early 20s, to a customer about the morning. “It’s been ridicubusy, but now it’s quieted down.” she said. The combination of ridiculous, shortened, plus a whole adjective is a great combination, and evidence that even in slang, and probably because it’s slang, that a need for a double-adjective formation was needed. Exactly. This is language in action! As slang goes, it’s created by users to create phrases, usually short syllabically, to say something simply, in usually a reduced form. No more than one or two syllables seems to be common. As if our tongues and mouth muscles can’t be bothered with that extra second and a half of effort for something more clear. The clerk could’ve easily said ‘ridiculously busy’ and that fact that she didn’t meant she cut out only two syllables. Perhaps her tongue function was lacking that day that ‘lously’ was just too much for her mouth to handle. I don’t know. Probably that’s not it. More likely the reason would be what it was, and what caught my attention. It was attention-getting. As a new combo, sure, it sounds cool, it’s shorter. It’s an uncommon saying. It’s THAT which makes it stand out, and only time will tell if this combo will catch on in some urban dictionary somewhere flaunting this neologism.


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