Oh, Hibblesquatch


It sounds like a word. It could be a word. Actually, it’s nothing but flotsam. In keeping with silly and nonsensical multi-syllabic jibberish, I just made that up. It is yet to be defined. It sounds like it could fit in the category of profanity. Perhaps, as in “Oh, hibblesquatch, I can’t believe I did that!” following by bracketed action befitting it such as (smacks forehead with right palm). It might catch on, I mean, it could become the latest fad as words do come and go; some stick like glue, others drift off like debris from a wreckage. Wouldn’t it be neat to follow the life of a word –a true etymologist’s job, to be sure–but as it is alive whilst spoken? If every utterance could be captured by some new-fangled recording device, the context highlighted, the intonation retained, the environment in which it’s spoken? Ah, to dream…such is a linguist’s thoughts, this linguist anyway, such as I am. Oh, hibblesquatch that.


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