Your Stuff Needs More Than a Spellchecker


When I see it, I have to remark on it. Wrong spelling, or wrong sense, or whatever is deemed incorrect in English, my little antennae work like detectors finding English mishaps. Today, it was in FB, as it just so happens I was in there browsing around learning about advertising in FB, and I came across their sample of how their ads improve business for the advertisers. Unfortunately, for this advertiser even spellcheck wouldn’t have helped him. This is a fine example of how spellcheck would fail you. I left a scrap of FB text to the right just to prove that I pulled this snippet from there…but read the sentence at the bottom of the ad. What do you notice? If you say it aloud, it sounds right, doesn’t it?

If you guessed that the mistake is in the work ‘your’, then get an A+!  The correct usage would be you’re, short for you are. A spellchecker would’ve missed that because spellcheckers only check spelling…gee, go figure.


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