Overused Ellipses…


An overuser of ellipses (singular: ellipsis), I find them so very handy when texting. I use them. I use them a lot. Huge fan. Gargantuan. Addicted to them. I’m ellipses-dependent. In the morning, I grab a cup of tea, green is a favourite of late, but I like herbal too, and if I’m at a keyboard, including my cel (love my Android phone, by the way), I use them. Somehow that period key is easier to find than the comma one, especially on my cel phone. Ellipses are good for trailing your thoughts, letting the receiver know you have more to say in a moment, or that you’d like to hear his or her thoughts on what you’ve just keyed in. I do. I love to get a response. Ellipses aren’t just academic conveniences used to formally omit part of a quote that you can’t be bothered to include (ensuring you’re not changing the context from which it’s taken)…they’re a ‘come here and say something’ kind of urging to whomever (<—yes, it’s whomever, in case you’re wondering) you’re talking to…that kind of hither…they’re great punctuation. I’m openly out about using them incorrectly and overusing them…call it creative licence. I’m a naughty writer…


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